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Product Life Cycle

The life cycle of the censhare product

censhare Upgrades follow a regular release cycle. This not only provides planning reliability when it comes to new releases and availability of new functionality, but also allows us a coherent and rigorous product development.

End of Life / End of Service

With the release of an Upgrade, all previous versions of the Licensed Software reach their End of Life (EOL). Still, we do provide full support and bug fixes for additional 36 months for previous versions until they reach their End of Service (EOS). Of course, we support our customers with the planning of and migration to newer versions of censhare.

With the release of a new Upgrade, no more new functionalities are being added to previous versions, they reach their End of Life (EOL).

All versions below 2020.3 have reached End Of Service.

End of service 2024

Please upgrade from versions 2020.3.x to 2021.1.x to a later version in 2024 to avoid running out of service.

30 July 2024 Version 2020.3.x

Released: 12 January 2021 | End of Life: 30 July 2021

26 November 2024 Version 2021.1.x

Released: 30 July 2021 | End of Life: 26 November 2021

End of service 2025

Please upgrade from versions 2021.2.x to a later version in 2025 to avoid running out of service.

06 September 2025 Version 2021.2.x

Released: 26 November 2021 | End of Life: 06 September 2022

End of service 2026

Please upgrade to a newer version in 2026 to avoid running out of service.

14 April 2026 Version 2022.1.x

Released: 06 September 2022 | End of Life: 14 April 2023

24 October 2026 Version 2022.2.x

released: 14 April 2023 | End of Life: 24 October 2023

Support for a version which is End of service

With the Service Level Agreement (SLA), the customer agrees to our product life cycle and thus to the "End of Service". If a version reaches the "End of Service" status, this has the following support consequences:

  • The SLA is still valid and we are bound to support availability and response time.

  • We continue to strive to provide the customer with satisfactory support.

  • No bugfixes will be provided for this version.

  • A simple workaround, such as restarting the system, should be accepted as the final solution.

  • It is also possible that neither a solution nor workaround can be provided.

  • No special readiness can be guaranteed, e.g. on weekends or public holidays.

  • We are allowed to charge our efforts.

Product Release Cycles

Public releases (upgrade versions)

Upgrades deliver substantial performance improvements, architectural changes and/or new features and functionalities and appear regularly. An Upgrade will change the second digit of the version number of the licensed software (e.g. 2021.1 to 2021.2). The first Upgrade after the turn of a year also changes the first digit of the version number (e.g. 2021.2 to 2022.1).

Version schema: year date + sequence number for each release

Release Candidates

A Release Candidate is a beta versions of a public release/upgrade version and serves for internal testing purposes only.

Revision releases (update versions)

Revision releases delivered as needed. Updates deliver fault revisions (“bugfixes”) and minor improvements to the licensed software and are released on demand. An Update will change the third digit ofthe version number of the Licensed Software, e.g. from version 2021.2.1 to 2021.2.2.

Version schema: year date + release sequence number + revision sequence number

We make all internal releases available for beta testing to censhare colleagues and partners.

After the release of a public version an upgrade to an official public version is mandatory.