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Product Vision & Mission

Our Product Vision

censhare enables organizations, teams, and individuals to master their content.

Many organizations have been fighting with inefficient content production and management for a long time. For more than two decades censhare has successfully addressed these challenges by providing an omnichannel content platform integrating PIM, DAM, CMS, as well as adjacent services.

Time and again, we have adapted our products as technology and customer needs kept changing. As a result, some of the biggest brands in the world rely on censhare to centrally store and manage all their content for omnichannel use.

Industry studies underline the importance of Marketing Technologies and their effect on value generation for enterprise clients. And this is expected to grow further as marketers and brand specialists aim for centralized content creation and distribution to provide a seamless user experience and drive sales in an omnichannel world. This ever-growing marketing technology landscape calls for excellent integration and composability capabilities instead of a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

This is reflected in a platform where all content is flexibly orchestrated based on microservices, centered around APIs, hosted natively in the Cloud as SaaS, and made available in a headless way. Often, this is called the ‘MACH’ approach.


What it means

Business Benefits

Microservices based

Small applications that can be developed for and individually deployed, managed, and executed on the censhare platform, for example, to provide specific capabilities like connecting to 3rd party systems for seamless data exchange.

Speed up time-to-market as microservices can be developed and released faster and independently from the main platform.


The ability to use all censhare functionality through a powerful application programming interface, with the focus of developing this interface with highest priority.

Sustainable technology investment, thanks to extensibility through a powerful API. Extensions can be developed faster and cost effective and will continue to work seamlessly in the future regardless of the underlying platform technology.

Cloud-native SaaS

An established cloud-based offering that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model, for example providing elastic scalability, continuous deployment, and usage based pricing.

Ultimate flexibility, security, and convenience for your omnichannel content platform, empowering you to focus on value generation rather than operational aspects.


Decoupling the censhare front end from the back end, unlocking front-end capabilities that are entirely framework agnostic.

Flexibly enables new use cases that require user interfaces and front ends that differ from the default user interfaces and front ends provided by censhare.


Providing an intuitive way to plan and orchestrate all your censhare content using mainstream technologies.

Use your preferred tools for the entire content lifecycle across all channels and enjoy efficiency and transparency from ideation and creation to transformation and use in downstream channels

This is the core of our long-term product strategy. It opens new ways of developing and using the platform and results in simpler deployment, operations, and use. It gives back time to teams for focusing on creating awesome content and marketing campaigns.

As part of this development, we’re currently shaping censhare to support further input and output channels and provide enhanced support for analytics and PIM.

For analytics, we are evaluating ways to offer extensive data insights and analyses that provide full control over content performance and customer interests, supported by smart AI and ML capabilities.

For PIM, we will add new PIM syndication features that flexibly connect enterprise and product information to content for use across all channels.

The range of delivery channels includes print, making censhare a genuine omnichannel platform that also supports print production use cases with its industry-leading Adobe® InDesign® integration.

To reduce entrance barriers, we aim for a smooth transition between existing and new technologies by providing features, packages, and editions that enable hybrid use of the new features.