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censhare Third Party Components

Open Source Software and Other

This document contains a list of all Third Party Software components, including the Open Source Software (OSS) components, that may be integrated in the version of the censhare system in use.

Please note!

This document is confidential. All information is provided solely in the context of the conceded right to use the censhare system and must not be used for any other purpose. It is not permitted to publish the information or excerpts thereof, or forward it to third parties.


Subdivided in accordance with the different component types, information on the (OSS) components in use, such as name, version number, license type, and links to the respective software component and/or license, is made available.

After having downloaded the file, please be regard the notes and remarks which can be found in the "Comment" column directly in the document.

A list of licenses of the OSS components which may be integrated in the respective version of the censhare system can be found here .