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Marketing Project Planning

The integrated Marketing Project Planning module lets you unify and control all the information you need for the marketing planning, creation, administration, management, distribution and reporting.

In one easy-to-use system, you get a comprehensive marketing planning tool, helping you create and keep campaigns on budget and on schedule, no matter how complex or how many.

  • Orchestrate marketing activities, from brief to creative to production in one central system.

  • Keep track of processes, workflows, approvals, markers and annotations

  • Apply quality gates and completeness checks

  • Plan authors, subjects and channel

  • See which content is required in which channel, and when

  • Easily build a media plan with KPIs and evaluate how well the goals have been reached.

Gantt charts for each project show the exact duration, dependencies, and status of each task within a project.

Marketing Project Planning: Functions to plan, manage and visualize marketing projects and campaigns across the organization and with suppliers with a full overview of all projects

Create, edit and visualize projects, task lists and tasks by start and end date | Transparent project overview | Detailed project planning and management down to task and resources levels | Management and organization of deadlines and dependencies | Visual reporting including Gantt charts