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Earn certifications to enhance your productivity and skillset, and achieve your desired partner status at censhare

Why certify yourself?

Certifying yourself through the academy acts as industry-endorsed evidence of mastering real-world skills within the censhare product ecosystem. Learners looking to hone or add to their skillset can expect to be more productive and efficient in their roles after successfully completing certifications.

Getting started with censhare certifications

A great place to begin is the certifications overview page, where you can learn about certifications and explore the options by role or certification level.

Every certification has a detail page (accessible in the Learning Management System) with information about the test itself, and the pass rate to earn it. Some certifications only require you to pass a single test, while others require more than one. The certification details page also includes information about the skills measured in the test, and how to best prepare for it.

How to prepare for the test

On every knowledge check or certification detail page, you’ll find a "measured skills" section. This lists the skills that are covered in the course content and that will be assessed during the test. Please begin by reviewing these carefully.

If you feel you already have the necessary skills to pass a test, you may skip through the course content and start the test. If you would like training, however, feel free to go through the course content again and read any related censhare documentation.

How to register for a certification

There is no registration needed! After completing all of the required courses in a learning path, you will have immediate access to the test.

Getting your test results and certification

After submitting your test answers you’ll see a results screen that displays your final score and pass/fail status. Your test status is also displayed at a learning path and course-level within the Learning Management System for your convenience.

For censhare partners, your test status (pass/fail) will also be synced to our Salesforce instance where your censhare partner account manager can see the overall standing of your company.

Note: We are currently working with Adobe Captivate Prime on a feature that will automatically generate a PDF version of your certificate.