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Self-paced Learning

Learn at your own pace

Enroll in the censhare academy today. You'll have access to on-demand training, relevant to your role, business area, and level of expertise when and where it’s most convenient for you.

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academy training catalogs

We offer three training catalogs, aligned by knowledge level and role, to help you and your team develop the right skills in the correct order.


If you are new to censhare or even an experienced user simply looking to refresh your product knowledge, then this catalog is ideal for you.

The foundation catalog focuses on the censhare core principles and on introducing the censhare platform. After completing it, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with the censhare clients.


In this catalog you will be able to learn in more depth about the censhare Java Client, Administration Client and about technical support, system administration and local configuration use cases.

The advanced catalog is aimed at more experienced users who have already worked their way successfully through the foundation catalog.


As a censhare partner, you can use this catalog to help you build skills to generate more sales and enhance customer satisfaction. You will learn how to present the censhare platform and how to configure and customize censhare demonstration instances.

The academy's Learning Management System

censhare uses Adobe Captivate Prime as its Learning Management System (LMS). We use the terms LMS and academy interchangeably.

academy artifacts

From a learning perspective, we use the term artifacts to represent a structural element used to group a block of learning objects. There are four artifacts you're likely to encounter in the academy.


Catalogs contain groups of learning paths and other objects geared towards specific knowledge levels and roles.

As a learner, you can view all the eligible learning objects (learning paths, courses and certifications) in a catalog. The learning objects are unique to each learner based on their role, user group or profile.

Learn more about catalogs

Learning path

A learning path is a set of uniquely designed courses that fulfil specific learner goals.

As a learner, you can browse through all the available learning paths in a catalog and enroll yourself in a learning path of your choice. You can view your enrolled and assigned courses from the academy dashboard or on the courses page. You will need to successfully complete all courses assigned to a learning path to complete it.


A course is a collection of modules assigned to a learning path. To complete a course, you will need to view the entire content of the course or take a test (either a knowledge check or certification). This is indicated to you in the course description.


A module is a single piece of content that can be either a video, podcast, text file, link to an external resource, an appointment (i.e. date for an online training session) and can include exercises or knowledge checks, or a combination of these. Modules that are assigned, more often than not, will need to be completed in order.

Roles in the academy

For internal and external users there are three board roles you’ll interact with and as in the LMS.


This is the default role and is assigned to all system people automatically upon registering with the academy.

As a learner, you'll have access to learning paths, courses and modules within a course. A module can be either a video, podcast, text file, link to an external resource or an appointment (i.e. date for an online training session) or a combination of these.

Learn more about this role


Authors are responsible for uploading content, creating courses and adding courses to learning paths (in this order).


The system administrator role is reserved for censhare employees involved in overall system management, organization and reporting. If you, as a learner, encounter any problems logging in to the system, or with the course content please reach out to an administrator.