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Content Management

With omnichannel Content Management, content only needs to be created once and is ‘media-neutral’, allowing it to be adapted automatically for use anywhere – from online and print to point-of-sale and ATMs. This enables you to tailor your content at speed.

  • Automated and simplified processes reduce the technical skills needed for website and channel production.

  • Using the intuitive content editor, content is easily created in XML.

  • Based on templates, final content can be transformed to print, web, newsletters, and more.

  • censhare CMS provides a Content as a Service (CaaS) layer with the actual delivery into channels being taken care of at a later stage via functions that hand the content to partners, channels or service providers for further processing.

  • The flexible Application Programming Interface (API) also allows app developers to create omnichannel applications with ease. (See Headless CMS )

Content Management enables users to publish media neutral content to various channels using templates. The overview page shows a preview for the article, including its current workflow status and the Quality Gates.

Content Management

Integrated content editor with output channel previews and word/character counter | Multilingual standard document structure based on XML | Variants for output channels with specific characteristics | Workflows, notifications and automatic processes | Process control from brief to design to production across the complete content lifecycle | Transform and export content to web, mobile, POS and print  | Flexible functions for content export to any other channel

Neutral Content (XML): Content is saved in media neutral, semantically labeled XML

Enables programmatic processing for different channels | Schema definition with RELAX NG, the high performance schema description language for document oriented content

Content Data Quality: Checks the quality of content data for identification of potential improvements

Checks the completeness of content and uses individual approval processes for checking data | Configurable completeness check | Integrated workflows | Versioning of all content