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Headless CMS

Build stronger relationships with the ability to exchange content more easily with customers and partners. Content Management is held and managed in the platform as normal but can also be accessed by external applications through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

These Headless CMS APIs allow content to be exchanged with any application, device or channel that requires access to a large, centralized content store.

  • Developers have complete freedom to create their own innovative applications on top of censhare’s database or allow third party applications like ecommerce and web sites to use the data as required.

  • This enables a wide range of possible use cases like third party ecommerce sites, Mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications, and Web Content Management Systems for public or private websites, and more.

  • With the Headless CMS APIs you can support your own innovative applications and streamlined content production processes– without having to change your complete marketing technology stack.

Flexible Interface: Reuse and publish content to or pull content from any device or channel

Let frontend developers use their favorite frameworks and tools to use censhare | No knowledge of censhare’s internal data structures required | Delivery infrastructure scales easily and flexibly | Establish a system to system connection with the content management and production system server without additional satellite infrastructure | Controls for web browser caching behavior (images, download links) | Supports asset locking mechanism (check-out/check-in) | Asset history can be accessed

Defining Entities

Entities and their properties are defined via JSON schemas | Schemas can be created, read, listed, updated and deleted via the API


Entities can be created, listed, read, updated, and deleted | Entities are returned as JSON


Queries are sent via HTTP GET or POST | Queries are based on the schema data model | Queries can include operators (‘&’, ‘|’ and ‘!’) | Relational queries are possible, e.g. articles of a specific author | Query results can include mixed entity types

Permission Management

Role based (CRUD permissions on entity type level | Primarily intended for administration and machine to machine | Authentication via HTTP basic authentication) | User based (Entity level permissions | Access only if user and entity share same permission group | Authorization via JSON Web Token)

Use Cases

All use cases from Web CMS supported | Functions for using censhare with a customized client | Server to server communication (Just data import from other systems | Just data export to other systems | Bidirectional communication between censhare and other systems)

The optional Headless CMS Client Starter Kit supports use cases that require a simplified user interface for censhare. It provides all the functions to develop your own, significantly simplified user interfaces with reduced functionality. This can be useful especially for bigger groups of users that do not have the experience or training to use a powerful content management solution like censhare.

  • Easy entry for developing a simple solution that can be adapted to your needs.

  • Intuitive user interfaces enable all users to complete specific tasks, regardless of their experience.

  • Reduce the number of clicks to get a task done, increasing the efficiency of the entire process.

  • Little, if any, training required

  • Reduces the number of support tickets passed to IT functions, due to the intuitiveness of the user interface.

Headless CMS Client Starter Kit (optional): Starter Kit, consist-ing of standardized building blocks to create customized extensions for censhare

Provisioning of a React framework that uses the APIs of the Headless CMS Module to connect to censhare, including: Media Room – a lightweight web application enabling external users to find and work with assets stored in censhare without requiring direct access to the core censhare system | Default building blocks of the current Release Candidate of the Client Starter Kit | Partner access to the source code via GIT | Documentation | Note: Installation and project specific customization will be charged separately.

Headless CMS Content Picker (optional) Enables content use in third-party web applications

User interface based on HCMS that can be embedded as a plug-in or extension into the frontend of a third-party web application | Search, explore and use assets stored in censhare without requiring direct access to the censhare system itself | Supports full-text search with previews, intuitive sorting and filtering, and displays further information, e.g. metadata | Visibility of content is restricted to assets and information that have been made available to the respective plug-in | User can select one or mutliple files for import into the third-party application | Third-party application can download the content from censhare or use a URL that references the asset in censhare | Supports media assets like images and videos | Note: Installation on third party system and project specific customization will be charged separately.

The Starter Kit comes with Media Room, a lightweight web application based on HCMS enabling your partners and agencies to find and work with media assets like images, videos, PDFs or ZIP files without requiring direct access to the core censhare system.

  • Intuitive full text search includes metadata like XMP, EXIF, IPTC and tags. Search results can be filtered by file and MIME type and displayed as cards, tiles, or as a list.

  • Users can download single assets right away or collect several assets in a ‘media collection’ for bulk download.

  • Users can upload single or multiple files and add tags to existing assets.

  • Uploads can be accessed by the user at any time in a private area; visibility to other users depends on the assigned permissions for that user.

  • Uploads can trigger specific workflows within censhare, for example an approval process.

  • Configurable user interface to reflect your brand by changing the settings in the menu.