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The Web Content Management solution ensures rapid and efficient management of your online presence, enabling you to author simple and complex websites, microsites and communities and manage their content.

  • Easily manage single or multiple web sites with a feature rich web content management system that is fully integrated into censhare.

  • Transform digital content automatically for use with specific channels and applications.

  • Use preconfigured content and information structures as well as a standard set of functions and HTML templates.

  • An application programming interface (API) is available as part of the Connectivity Module, enabling advanced integration capabilities (see Connectivity ).

    In addition to sending temporary download links to customers and prospects (see censhare Base , Workspaces, Collaboration and Workflows), you can extend this function by offering an individualized microsite. The microsite shows the downloads that are available for each individual as a list with integrated shopping cart.

Web CMS: Create websites to support specific mar-keting campaigns and programs, news and media portals

Functions for centralized creation and management of single or multiple web sites with unrestricted or restricted access and with identical or different branding.This enables you, for example, to create and manage a web site for a single brand, with several regional sites that use the centrally managed brand elements entirely or in parts. Each regional site can add or replace central content with regional or local content. | Simple site administration | Many standard widgets | HTML, CSS, JavaScript support | Flexible configuration, adjustable and expandable | Creates and manages microsites, single sites and multiple sites | Support for user generated content (UGC) | Multiple locales/languages supported | Simplified data model and templating | Library of responsive HTML templates | Configurable page layouts and widgets | Registration, login/permission system | Integrated search | Preview and download media assets | Ensures the quality, consistency and efficient maintenance of the content and overall appearance of the site

Share-Link Microsite(optional): Share digital assets for downloading on an individualized microsite with intuitive shopping cart

Microsite is shown before the actual download | Preview images for download files | Shopping cart function for download files | Available transformations can be selected by the user | Flexible and extensible | Can be customized with your brand element