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Localization and Translation

Easily customize and translate local and regional content (only in conjunction with the module Variants Management and Targeting ).

Master every variation from disclaimers to images, colors, product information and many more content changes.

  • Create and manage as many language variants of your digital assets, metadata and other information as you need, including language characteristics (e.g., US English and UK English) as well as regional characteristics (e.g., English and French for Canada.)

  • Integrate your existing translation services and agencies via interfaces.

  • Workflows ease the path towards final translations that can be used in all content processes right away.

Translation Management: Supports all locales through one user interface for all content and metadata translation tasks

Translation support for Adobe® InCopy®, XML and Microsoft Office documents | Translates content and metadata | Automatic segment translation for regional content localization | Variations with regional and language specific characteristics | Centralized workflow management | Word and character count for documentsdirectly from the search results

Interface for Translation Management

Integration of external translation services via XLIFF interface | Integrated interface using the Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) specification allows automated, hotfolder based, high performance import from Trados, Across and Transit

DeepL Integration by Savotex: Automated translations by DeepL, the leading AI service for translations (additional cost may apply)

Translate any text right away without leaving censhare | Translations will be related to the original text asset automatically | Flexible integration into workflows | Supports bulk translations | Can be combined with censhare’s Translation Memory System to achieve highest consistency | Privacy through state-of-the-art encryption technologies and guaranteed data deletion after translation